Fasting Day #10

Fasting Day # 10

Scripture: Psalms 35: 4 – 6

Prayer Point: Dealing with Restraining Order

Restraining Order is an injunction, court order or gagging order placed on you by satanic powers, circumstance and life in general to restrict you from achieving your God-given destiny.

It is an invisible ceiling placed on your destiny, a cap, muzzle, and a choke placed on everything with potential to succeed in your life. Satanic restraining order; this is a satanic injunction, a satanic clause activated due to a default of an action, a trespass, an infringement and a violation of court order.

Satanic restraining order is a satanic sanction forbidding you or any family member to cross, exceed, excel or prosper beyond a certain boundary life.

Prayer Points:

Activation and Declarations

I lift up a divine injunction against any restraining-order on my ministry, marriage, life, finances and dreams. I command the removal of any order placed on my future, ministry and children. I prohibit the on-going trend of restriction and curtailment in my life and finances. I shall not die poor; I shall not be a pauper in life. My potential will overflow. Matt 16:19.

Gagging order placed on my potential, ability and capability be broken! I free my mind, I free my marriage, and I free my latent potential stifled over the years. I will excel, I will make it! I break satanic padlocks, evil-chains, defences, security devices that are set up as a decoy to undermine our confidence and progress in life.

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